Save 5 – 15% on your Energy Costs with a programable thermostat!

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The cheapest, cleanest, and greenest energy is the energy not used. There are many ways to be more energy efficient—from equipment upgrades to things that don’t cost a cent. The Grand Haven Board of Light & Power has a list of Energy Star rated appliance rebates go to if you are a BLP customer.

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Let nature do some of the work. Consider leaving your windows open and cutting the air conditioner at night, when temperatures are much more moderate. Then keep the windows shut during daylight hours to help keep that cooler air inside. You can also install window coverings, which can block out sunlight and heat during the day. Also, increase insulation and seal cracks that may let out cold air.

Fans can make higher temperatures in the home feel more comfortable. When using a ceiling fan along with air conditioning, states that you can raise the thermostat approximately 4 degrees Fahrenheit without reducing comfort level…