National Love Your Pet Day

It’s raining cats and dogs!  As a past dog(s) owner everywhere I look there is a growing number of Dog and Cat lovers! You really notice it after you no longer have a pet in your home. With the growing number of dog and cat owners, I wanted to focus this article on how to help pet owners keep their furry friends safe around electricity, and it seems really appropriate as we celebrate National Love Your Pet Day on February 20, 2016.

phoca_thumb_l_Cat and Cords 09phoca_thumb_l_petsafety002

4 important tips to protect your pet from electrical dangers –

  1. Some pets may find a cozy warm spot near electronics to stay warm. This is not safe. Discourage your pets from doing so, and block off electronics if you must.
  2. Make sure all electronics are completely plugged in. A visible electric prong may attract the attention of a pet. A small nose or paw could fit in a gap between a plug and outlet.
  3. If you have an aquarium, make sure you create a drip loop on every electrical cord that enters the tank.  This will prevent water from running down the cord and into the electrical outlet.  To be sure the cord stays looped, stick a cord clip on the wall just below the outlet and thread the cord into the clip….
  4. Coat cords with a bitter substance to make them undesirable to pets. Appropriate and safe products can be purchased online or at pet stores…PET SAFETy (1)

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