Top Five Energy Efficiency Gift Ideas

Giving gifts during the holiday season has long been a way to show loved ones that you care. However, trying to figure out what to gifts to buy for certain people can be quite a difficult task. One thing everybody seems to like is saving money. The Grand Haven Board of Light & Power suggests giving your friends, family, and the environment a gift that keeps on giving this holiday season with some fun ideas that will help the recipient be more energy efficient.

“While most people might not immediately think about energy efficiency while shopping for gifts, it’s a practical gift idea that helps your loved one save energy and money at the same time,” says Renee Molyneux, Administrative Services Manager from the BLP.

Below are the Energy Education Council’s top five energy efficiency gift ideas for 2015.

        Smart Power Strip with Motion Sensor: Take energy efficiency to the next level with a smart power strip that comes with a motion sensing detector, which automatically turns the power on when you enter the room. It can also automatically turn off peripheral devices after a set amount of time after leaving the area. If you are looking for something a little less pricy, try a single outlet motion sensor for similar results.

phoca_thumb_l_Holiday Smart Strip

        Thermal Leak Detector: Set your phasors to stun with this point-and-shoot, hand-held device that measures surface temperatures so that you can pinpoint air leaks in your home. Identifying these leaks and then sealing them with weather stripping or caulk and improving insulation can help homeowners save on their energy bills.

       Portable Solar Battery Bank: A portable solar charger is a great gift for travelers, campers, and hikers. The device is able to charge a cell phone on the go, whether a person is in the car or in the wilderness. Device size varies on intended use. Some are the size of a cell phone, while others are the size of a small backpack.

        Smart LED Light Bulb: One of these energy efficient LED lights can be controlled from the palm of your hand with your smartphone device. Control features often include brightness, scheduling, and more. It can provide endless fun for gadget enthusiasts and help them save money at the same time. Choose from a variety of brands with additional features — from various color options to a built-in bluetooth speaker.

phoca_thumb_l_holiday lights CFL

        Whole House Energy Monitor: If you are looking for that one blockbuster gift, look no further. Some of these systems can monitor your entire home’s energy usage in real time and give you unparalleled control over how you use energy. Information can be sent directly to your computer or smartphone and is stored so you can see long-term usage data.

These are just a few of the energy efficient gift options available. Whatever gifts you decide on, if you are shopping for electronic appliances, be sure to look for the yellow Energy Star label. It can help you estimate the operating cost of a specific appliance, as well as similar models. Plus, Energy Star rated appliances are tested and approved to meet or exceed government efficiency standards.

The Grand Haven Board of Light & Power wishes you a BRIGHT and safe holiday season. Visit to learn more about the safe and smart use of energy. View more energy savings gift ideas from

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