With graduations only a month or two awa

With graduations only a month or two away and your open house planning beginning, be sure to remember that the popular metallic or Mylar balloons are actually powerful conductors of electricity. When a Mylar balloon touches a power line or floats into substation equipment, their metallic properties cause a surge of electricity that can cause equipment to short circuit and lead to power outages, fires and possible injuries. The BLP wants everyone to safely enjoy your special occasions. If your celebration includes Mylar balloons, please remember to keep them secured and, when the celebration is over, dispose of them properly.


Try this! To help save energy, only powe

Try this! To help save energy, only power on the computer, monitor, printer and fax machine when you need them. And, after you’re finished working, power down. Computers and other office equipment still use energy in sleep mode.