Awesome news! According to a study from

Awesome news! According to a study from the American Council for an Energy- Efficient Economy and the Appliance Standards Awareness Project, newer appliances don’t just save energy. They tend to perform better, typically offer more features, and sometimes boast lower price tags than their older counterparts! Check out an analysis of how price, performance, and features have improved for three common household appliances.


The Board of Light & Power wishes you an

The Board of Light & Power wishes you and your family a wonderful and safe holiday weekend! Please take note – our offices will be closed Monday, September 2nd in honor of Labor Day and to provide our employees time to relax and enjoy the holiday. You man contact our emergency line at 616-842-2241 in the event of an emerency.

Set the mood for savings! Dimmer control

Set the mood for savings!
Dimmer controls save energy by allowing you to reduce lighting levels. The electric cost savings is nearly equal to the amount that you dim the lights. For example, you save about 20 percent of the electricity normally used when you dim a light by 25 percent. Some CFL or LED bulbs are not dimmable, so read the package label carefully when selecting bulbs.